​Those ridges 

Those itches

On my arm

That bleeding blankness 

On my mind
And when he looked at me 

I pulled the blade apart 
Couldn’t smell the smell 

But I could taste a bit of skin 
Eyes met Eyes 

I was paralysed 
I went back,pulled apart again

Until I saw red 
He still looks as if he knows 

What now

It’s winter It’s better 

I can hide now
Now it’s time past 

Our ages

No more pain 

Only scars 
We are now 

Just two strangers

Still I can’t look

Can’t touch 
First hopping 

Then excuse 
Feels like the wounds 

Are stiched Now 
We don’t know 

Each other anymore

But it’s just scars 

Still giving nightmares 
And when I found a mirror 

With haunting eyes 

Sleepless nights