Olympics are not a good time for me. Nor are the world cups or any other sports tournament. Especially , Olympics.

Nope. I like sports. Always have. Started with cricket and then branched out to basketball, running, swimming  and all. But then I realised it doesn’t really give me the high I was getting in my previous years.

And then I left.

My love for words gave me a high and rush feeling which I had never experienced in my 10 years of life. 

I started writing(mostly ranting like this) and sports became something I never missed out on telly.

But words..words are never enough I guess ..
Every time there is some game going on over Olympics, especially the heat and swimming I see a sadness in my dad’s eyes and that sadness makes me feel guilty .. 

But I don’t want to feel guilty for something I live and love to do ..
Dad still asks me why didn’t I take up sports seriously when I had the potential for something ..and every time my throat closes up ..but I don’t say anything. I’ve already said everything and they too know everything but still wants me to do something worthwhile like a normal job and settling down or maybe sports is also a better option but never ..nope ..never writing..
What’s so repulsive about words? After all words are the reason we are still sane : helping us letting out emotions and in some special cases bringing people together .. 

I guess words are not enough in this fast paced world 
I may sound selfish to many ..but then words were never enough ..