I don’t usually like driving around. It not only muddles up my sense of directions (for when I’ll be going walking again) but also life through tinted glasses is not at all what I favour generally. But I hadn’t gone out for a while and the drive was an unexpected burst (even though dad was with me the whole while).

I live in South Kolkata and we were heading up to College Street to purchase books for my 2nd year at college.


So, we were heading up this road and all of a sudden I realised how much I missed this! Almost all my childhood was spent in watching the sidelines and pavements of people and shops and other cars, while hindi/bengali songs blared from the stereo.


Parama Island Flyover

There was no song playing this time, but the sidelines still attracted me the same. The slow buzz of cars , the variety of stalls on the bylanes ; some called Café Coffee Day and one was “The Divine Shop” (and all the various ‘babas” posters stuck on the front door). The hurrying trees; some green, some brown, flurrying past to give way to us.


College Street


One guy in red and two girls in black and blue.

After reaching the bookstore I realised I was so busy looking around that I only noticed a guy in red shirt and two girls in black and blue tops respectively. Why I noticed them? Who knows..maybe I should go on such outings more- with someone else, so there is not that nagging pinch at the back of my head “do you even know where you are going? are you going the right way even?”

Two guys in red and three girls in black and blue.

That’s the count when I’m inside my car once again.

Next stop : to buy dad’s shoes

Oberoi Grand


The New Market is great area for shopping; no matter what you’re buying. I especially liked it for the various types of superhero tshirts available over there. Nowadays there are online sites and all but this is actually how I’ve come to know their existence.

While I was busy visually checking out every tshirt possible my dad was hunting for a good store. When one finally suited to him, we went in and I made myself comfortable on an armchair. Outside the glass-doors the hawkers were trying their best to attract customers and the customers haggling on their behalf while the pedestrians tried to move about.

I tried to connect the internet while my dad looked about for his shoes.

Soon enough we came out and looked for our car. The blazing afternoon sun on top of our heads, the wheezing cars in-front of us , while we crossed roads ; he said and I hold his hand.

All tasks done, we were headed back home. Holding the packet of sweets we bought on road , my eyes got caught on something while we were stuck at traffic : a Sharadiya Utsav ( seasonal festival) greetings about  Durga Puja and the countdown being 46 days.

This gave me an unidentified wave of happiness. After all we Bengalis are a bit too much emotional about this particular festival

and then I saw

something like this

And I was hit with the cold reality.

Seriously, but why does reality has to be cold?




(Pictures not mine)