Walking back 

To and fro 

The road seems 


And pretty dead 

The skies are white 

The thoughts are black 

Rains are steadily falling on our backs
The food lays in front

The bustling in back

The people are speaking

Chaos is upgrading 

But I’m stuck in level 1

Rains are steadily falling on my back 
Round in Round 

Still stuck here 

Can’t look beyond 

The empty ocean 

Drowning and Feeding me 

Rains are steadily falling on our 

Waking up like that android 

Still can’t reboot or restart self 

Trapped in a junk case 

Can’t feel the sun, Can’t feel the light 


Rains keeps steadily falling on our back
Now it feels like I’m breathing for a thousand years

Shattering into million pieces 

Just breathe in 

Rains keep steadily falling