​’Twas a dull night 

At least to her

It was that same monotonous drama 

Of a boy and a girl

It was the Yule Ball

She looked at the door, again 

Not to seek a way out 

But searching for her partner

This was a mistake, sighed she

So much she was into her unwanted thoughts 

That she didn’t notice 

Him,coming towards her from the Entrance Hall 


She jumped a bit ; startled out of her thoughts -looked into the intruder 

He looked dashing in that suit – which she had  picked out for him 

“Um,hey” she replied, tucking a stray hair behind her ear,

“Let’s go”,saying he took her arm.


The evening had turned out unexpectedly well.

Actually it was much  better than anything she thought of.
And now..it was almost time to go. 

Go back to their real lives.
She was dreading this moment 

Out in the corner of her eye , she could see some couples kissing and making out with each other.

She was dreading this moment

But he’s a good friend! said that li’tle voice again

Yeah! A friend! replied another voice


He shooked her for the umpteenth time that evening,

“Are you all right?” 

“Yea..Yeah ..sure! What’s wrong with me !”

He rolled his eyes and kept moving

They were going to her dorm 

She was a Ravenclaw and He a Slytherin 

And right outside the door 

when she felt almost close to a wreck – more than she usually felt

-He clasped his hand over his shoulder and said,

” So tomorrow at the Great Hall,okay?”

She nodded dumbly.

He brightened up more immediately, if that was possible ; he was grinning his shy smile all that evening.


And with that he took off.

She stared into the empty space for a sometime – until she felt cold seeping through her thin blue dress -when she noticed his coat on her shoulders

The coat she mused belonged to one of their favourite people , and somehow he had come to possess it. 

Holmes is real. She had thought when her eyes had first laid on the coat.

She smiled to herself and went back to her room.