I think deep 
Deep as the well 

Not always stopping at the end 

But extending to hell

And that’s where the fun begins-

You see I can’t help it 

I just think it

I’m like the addict 

Who gets high on feels 

Feels, you may ask 

Are just fangirly stuff 

After some time they evaporate 

From the glass 

But the feelings I have 

I wish I could unhave 

But I don’t want to 

Because this is what I do 

Bleed my heart on paper 

And that’s where the irony is 

Coz it’s killing me 

And giving me purpose too

It’s almost like I have two different sets of  eyes 

One with realms of unknown world 

Another with unknown despair 

Don’t stop me from thinking 

Because it’s inbuilt 

But you will save me , right?

Save me from me? 

Will you ?

Can you?

O’ mirror on the wall

Of bathrooms and closets alike 

Can you help me?

But this is my personal space 

My own cage 

And I’m its prisoner 

Don’t you think how 

Ironic it is,

That –

I create my own tragedies 

But I’m not a tragedy 

I’m just an aimless soul 

Trying out every role