The first time I didn’t talk with him was a few years back when he had gone out of town for some work and I realised after three days that I haven’t talked with him for three days and also on the day he was leaving.

I couldn’t wait for him to come back and hug him tight like the old days.

Days when we were young and free, sun kissed our hair and our smiles were the talk of the town.

and now he was coming back to town


he didn’t even look worried
he didn’t even look at me
as if i had only dreamed about these past days
he passed me like he does always
silent and awkward
when did that become always

I don’t remember much about that night but I surely didn’t sleep at all.

We used to talk about everything and so much that mum went crazy with our antics


those were the old days

mum is telling me to talk with him

she is holding the phone towards me

I’ve already told her before but I guess everyone hates confrontation.

I shout a NO and run away from the room.

He only calls mum some days,
I’m glad she wasn’t the victim too.


At the airport , he pulled me aside
he smelled the same
that musky something
he told me that we were just kids,
just two kids with no one else to go out with
and now we’re old , it’s time to move on
I asked him , how much further , because you’ve already moved towns in a year-
he smiled and kissed me
while the orange sun stayed witness from the windowsill.


He has a new muse
I don’t even stalk him

And yet we know each other’s news

It’s this town
This cursed town
but then I never wanted to leave
I still don’t

Mum is more gloomier when I’m not looking
I guess this town is not for everyone
This cursed town


..the water is hitting hard on the rocks while smoothly kissing the sandy beach , i never understood this partiality

at least the sun shines on all of us

mum replies, “why do you keep so much bottled up Rae?”

if only she knew , not everyone is a wild sea , some are glaciers ,with a wild sea inside them

image source : tumblr