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a confession 

everything feels fake to me my face ,my thoughts, my hands ,my gait your words, while you try to fill the space  maybe i want the space and not you  but i will never say it  because im fake like... Continue Reading →

#5 ঝরাপাতা🍁🍂

​It's months to go  For fall to come  Yet the leaves keep falling  Keeps us trolling   Those fallen leaves  Curling on its red tips  That crispy sound  While my feet accidentally falls on them   It's making me mad ... Continue Reading →

(sweet?) sixteeen

“What you must understand about me is that I'm a deeply unhappy person.” ~ Alaska Young, Looking For Alaska. Unlike every year I didn't have any resolutions or dreams or aspirations for this year. It was like another thursday rolling... Continue Reading →


​Do you know why I write? Even though I can't make a single sense and the grammar is always an error? Because of these thoughts,  These words  These emotions  These feelings  Are overwhelming Are too much  And my soul  Too... Continue Reading →

#2 Voices 

​Isn't it funny how everyone thinks that the voices are not real? It's not actually  Funny How shallow do they think me to be? To call darkness as my friend  Just for the trends' sake ? This darkness is like... Continue Reading →

#1 Olympics

Olympics are not a good time for me. Nor are the world cups or any other sports tournament. Especially , Olympics. Nope. I like sports. Always have. Started with cricket and then branched out to basketball, running, swimming  and all.... Continue Reading →

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