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not dead.

​life is a quicksand  I'm going in slowly in the middle of nowhere just a blob of flesh I thought I was writing my story  but there was no ink to begin with   just invisible strokes and hollow words 

dark tunnel called mind 

​i kept saying  I'm mad  now im crazy as hell  why doesn't  chanting  I'm okay  makes me feel good too  i kept making bruises  That's a scar!  i was proud of  now im just a puddle  of mistakes  twirling in... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

​There she stands  Plum and Prim  Like nothing I feel  Only the bones on my ribs  Why's she staring at me? Those black irises haunt me  Black & pitless  Like I feel inside  I try to move  But she's still... Continue Reading →


​Burning tongue  Burning eyes  Burning mind  Icey soul  Does he even know what he does to me But I'm just another name on his roll My name never gets called up  Numb feels  Numb brain  Numb skin Cutting emotions My... Continue Reading →

Blank State 

​All I wanted was a blank start  To start new  Afresh  Unabridged Uncomplicating  And all I get is  A blank heart  A blank soul  A blank life  At every corner  I still prayed for a blank canvas  For my future ... Continue Reading →


​Twin hopes Not identical One I want  Other I don't One is future Other I'm living  I'm weak  Don't come near me  I don't know you  No NO!! You don't know me! Two poles  One soul One river  Black waters... Continue Reading →

A little bit of heaven

​I feel like the one  Bounded by ropes  But of  Desires  Some materialistic- All are just selfish, Down below my feet  Is the gaping black hole  With its giant mouth  Almost touching my sole  . Tired and Haunted All I... Continue Reading →

#2 Voices 

​Isn't it funny how everyone thinks that the voices are not real? It's not actually  Funny How shallow do they think me to be? To call darkness as my friend  Just for the trends' sake ? This darkness is like... Continue Reading →

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