Eyes & Worlds

The guide to unknown




blinking  lashes  small with lines  big  with tears her eyes weren't the door to her but the window to the world  itchy  puffy  red  and burning  my eyes showed me things  but no one believed me still  brown black  spotty ... Continue Reading →

a confession 

everything feels fake to me my face ,my thoughts, my hands ,my gait your words, while you try to fill the space  maybe i want the space and not you  but i will never say it  because im fake like... Continue Reading →

A little bit of heaven

​I feel like the one  Bounded by ropes  But of  Desires  Some materialistic- All are just selfish, Down below my feet  Is the gaping black hole  With its giant mouth  Almost touching my sole  . Tired and Haunted All I... Continue Reading →

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