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The guide to unknown



not dead.

​life is a quicksand  I'm going in slowly in the middle of nowhere just a blob of flesh I thought I was writing my story  but there was no ink to begin with   just invisible strokes and hollow words 

At night 

Our defences Our sacrifices  Our dreams  Our lives  Are burnt to death  At night We go high  We swim low We're floating  We drive  Towards infinity  At night  I lay You say  Aye  Now  Let's die away  At night  Black... Continue Reading →


​My mind is a maze  I get lost in But if you get inside Then I should go to yours too But my mind is a war zone, I know no happiness  A sunny day- Still scares me the same... Continue Reading →

Wreck Havoc 

​Was never a mess  I started wrecking havoc  Soon got lost in there 

As Red As Black 

​The sky looks  Bloodshot The air is stiff The trees are still The birds are waiting  The hour is ungodly  The words are new  The tongue feels  Sour Night will soon dawn  Spreading her wings  Engulfing our hearts  Lost souls... Continue Reading →

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