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a casual passing

The first time I didn't talk with him was a few years back when he had gone out of town for some work and I realised after three days that I haven't talked with him for three days and also... Continue Reading →

into me into death

nights are calm gentle and soothing mornings are alarms and deadlines sweat and swearing even though the sun is still hidden nights are short fast yet dreamy mornings are groans mumbling and tumbling down the stairs of humanity nights are... Continue Reading →

holy or holey ?

The world was passing before my eyes. Out of my reach. Beyond the compartment windows of the train. And I was inside. As if I was one of the seats and doors and handles. And for one second I almost... Continue Reading →

♪ this feeling flows both ways ♪

inside jokes? or is it inside truths? how far are they up your trust-scale? do they just annoy you when you're near? or do you smile thinking about them in train? are you worlds apart? or is it just an illusion? do... Continue Reading →

(sweet?) sixteeen

“What you must understand about me is that I'm a deeply unhappy person.” ~ Alaska Young, Looking For Alaska. Unlike every year I didn't have any resolutions or dreams or aspirations for this year. It was like another thursday rolling... Continue Reading →

âme glacée

The stars are twinkling I know how much's burning   The sky is downcast I know its coming  The wind is building  I know soon it's gonna knock me down  The mountains are moving, now  I know there is a... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Years 

​ Walking back  To and fro  The road seems  Endless  And pretty dead  The skies are white  The thoughts are black  Rains are steadily falling on our backs The food lays in front The bustling in back The people are... Continue Reading →

Just a singe, if you please

As much as I love blogging (nowadays) I miss writing  On a piece of paper That scratching  Those ink stains  The curved lines  From the pen  I miss making those small slips  To pass around in class  The whole thing ... Continue Reading →

A Song for that Lost Girl

​I have a life Out of this mundane world   I have a dream  Not your usual cremé I want to fly away with those fairies  Not everything is dark and bleak I have a soul  Which just wants to roam... Continue Reading →

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