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a casual passing

The first time I didn't talk with him was a few years back when he had gone out of town for some work and I realised after three days that I haven't talked with him for three days and also... Continue Reading →

not dead.

​life is a quicksand  I'm going in slowly in the middle of nowhere just a blob of flesh I thought I was writing my story  but there was no ink to begin with   just invisible strokes and hollow words 

how? why? when? 

I think deep  Deep as the well  Not always stopping at the end  But extending to hell And that's where the fun begins- You see I can't help it  I just think it I'm like the addict  Who gets high... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Years 

​ Walking back  To and fro  The road seems  Endless  And pretty dead  The skies are white  The thoughts are black  Rains are steadily falling on our backs The food lays in front The bustling in back The people are... Continue Reading →

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