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a confession 

everything feels fake to me my face ,my thoughts, my hands ,my gait your words, while you try to fill the space  maybe i want the space and not you  but i will never say it  because im fake like... Continue Reading →

Blank State 

​All I wanted was a blank start  To start new  Afresh  Unabridged Uncomplicating  And all I get is  A blank heart  A blank soul  A blank life  At every corner  I still prayed for a blank canvas  For my future ... Continue Reading →


​My mind is a maze  I get lost in But if you get inside Then I should go to yours too But my mind is a war zone, I know no happiness  A sunny day- Still scares me the same... Continue Reading →

Rock & Sand 

I hit a rock  Tasting the sand I realised we're going back to waste, again ... Bleak mornings , Cold nights  We're almost back to home again... Home? What home?  I'm a nobody  I'm a nomad  I will keep running... Continue Reading →

#1 Olympics

Olympics are not a good time for me. Nor are the world cups or any other sports tournament. Especially , Olympics. Nope. I like sports. Always have. Started with cricket and then branched out to basketball, running, swimming  and all.... Continue Reading →

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